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What Does it Mean to Be True?

What does it mean to be true? It means that you uphold yourself and put your needs first so that you’re able to meet the needs of those you love or are responsible to.

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You love yourself fully when you create a vision for your life and take responsibility for realizing it. Put yourself on the path to reach your dreams.

It means you know your values and are guided by them in all that you do. It also means that you do not do things just to please others when those things violate your values or your boundaries. Sometimes it means you let others be responsible for their feelings and actions. You hold yourself responsible for your own feelings and actions.

Being true is the third component of the Live HOT way of life and the guiding principles to loving yourself.

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Why You Should Always be Your Priority

We all talk about priorities as though we can have many things that are most important. There’s only one thing

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When you make yourself your priority, you put more time and effort into taking care of your needs than the needs of your employer or even your family.

that can be first in your life. You might fool yourself into thinking that you can put both your job and your family first, but it’s impossible. Priority means, ‘the one thing that is most important.’ It’s both mathematically impossible and grammatically incorrect to claim to have more than one priority.

So, given that you can have only one priority, I suggest that neither your job nor your family should be first. You should be first. You should always be your priority. Continue reading


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Stop Blaming Others for Your Troubles

Stop blaming others for your troubles. If you want to achieve your dreams, if you want to live The HOT Life, then the first step is to take responsibility for your life.

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When you come up hard against a barrier, you can blame it for being there, or you can take a step back, change course, and find your way around it. Only when you find your way around it can you move towards your destination.

When you blame others for what is happening in your life, you deny responsibility for yourself. You also give others power over that part of your life. More importantly, you will never fix the situation. After all, if it’s not your fault, then there is nothing you can do to fix it. There’s nothing about yourself for you to change.

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