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The Gift Every Mother Can Give Her Children

Love comes in many forms and can be expressed through many kinds of gifts. One gift every mother can give her children is to teach them about setting

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The best Mother’s Day gift you can get is children who have learned how to embrace their self-worth.

and maintaining their personal boundaries. As a mother, you may have primary responsibility for nurturing your children’s self-esteem, preparing them to capably meet life’s challenges, and for helping them understand they deserve to feel good about themselves.

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Love Is an Action Not a Feeling

Love has been called the most powerful emotion. But real love isn’t a feeling at all. Love is an action, and because we choose our actions, giving our love to

Love is an Action not a Feeling, woman laughing as she is licked enthusiastically by large black dog, a mix of black lab and beagle.

Love is felt and expressed through a series of actions that we choose to make.

others is a series of choices that we make. There are many different kinds of love, and the most enduring one is unconditional love, love that you give when you have made the decision to accept another person fully and totally. Continue reading


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If You Don’t Put Yourself First, Who Will?

Do you want to have stronger relationships with others? You might think that having strong relationships with others means to do things for them and to take care of

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When you spend all of your energy and time on others, you deplete your inner resources, leaving nothing for yourself. Put yourself first so that you can enjoy your life and establish connections to others built on authentic relating.

them. It’s a paradox because the truth is, to have strong relationships with others means that you must first have a strong relationship with yourself. To have that strong relationship with yourself, you must do things for yourself. You must put yourself first.

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