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Why Saying and Hearing “No” is for Your Own Good

Remember when your parents would tell you no, you couldn’t do something you desperately thought you just had to do?

Saying No. LifeisHOTBlog, D'Anne Hotchkiss

Are you scared to hear “No?” Are you afraid to say “No” to others? Don’t let an illusion stop you from making the change you need to make.

And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, they’d follow it up by saying, “This is for your own good.” Continue reading

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What do You Get when You Choose Freedom?

Did you know that the more you exercise your freedom of choice, the more contended and confident you feel? Your freedom includes the freedom to choose yourself when issues or conflicts


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arise in your relationships. Choosing yourself can feel selfish, but it shouldn’t.

You know why the airlines tell you to put on your own air mask before helping others with theirs? Continue reading

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Choose to Control Your Life

This summer while traveling by train I witnessed the random and disjointed acts of a man who’d had far too much to drink. He had boarded the train in the

Amtrak train, Dennis Bathory Kitsz photographer, Love Yourself, Control Your Life

Staying on track starts with keeping your commitment to yourself and maintaining your autonomy. When you’re feeling out of control, keep yourself as your priority and ask for the help you need to regain your autonomy.

middle of the night at the same station as I, and when morning came, he was still in an alcoholic fog. He walked purposelessly halfway up the aisle before turning and walking the other direction. Continue reading


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