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How Joe Got His Life Back

Meet Joe Ostaszewski. You might recognize his name from The Biggest Loser Season 14. By the start of the show, Joe had packed on 150 pounds since his days as a player for the NFL.


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Joe realized being morbidly obese was not the person he wanted to be. He lost the weight, gained self-respect and is now pursuing his own dreams.


Through The Biggest Loser, he lost the weight that made him morbidly obese and found his passion for living. He also found self-respect in a way he didn’t have, he couldn’t have, when he tipped the scales at 364. Continue reading

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Where Lies Your Freedom?

As we celebrate our freedoms tomorrow, consider this: where lies your freedom?

 “Freedom lies in being bold.”

~ Robert Frost

Robert Frost called his freedom being bold. Frank Lloyd Wright  said, “Freedom lies within.”

Whether your freedom lies in being bold or it lies within yourself, your personal freedom starts when you choose to live by your own codes and values. 

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Celebrate your freedom each and every time you choose to be true to you.

When you are true to yourself you are honest with yourself. When you are true to yourself, you open your mind to new ideas and possibilities and to people who are different from you.

It’s a bold move on your part to make the choice to live in a new way. Make the bold step to change the things in your life that keep you from being free.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: You have the freedom to be exactly who you want to be. You can exercise your freedom whenever you choose.

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Just the Way You Are

Have you ever tried to change another person in order to make him want what you want, to move her point of view in line with what is acceptable to you?

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You can’t make others change to suit you, and you don’t need to change to suit them. Sometimes the right change to make is to move on.

How has it worked for you? A friend of mine spent years trying to change someone to fit her needs. It was hard for her to come to terms with the idea that he wasn’t going to become someone other than his true self.


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