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Fall in Love with Yourself

Ever have a time in your life when you really haven’t liked yourself? If you don’t like yourself, it’s hard to love yourself. If you have fallen out of love with

Fall in love with yourself top-down look at a crowded bouquet of faded roses

You may not be all that you have imagined you could be, or all that you might have been. You are, however, enough, just as you are. Love yourself, just as you are.

yourself, let yourself fall in love again.

Maybe you’re not making as much money as you think you should. Or, you’re out of shape and overweight, your career has stalled, your looks have faded. The dreams that were still in front of you are now, irrevocably, behind you, never to be realized.

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The Crossroads Faced and Choices Made in Charleston Last Week

Whenever we experience a national crisis such as the act of terrorism inside the Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC, by Dylann Storm Roof, three

side view of NJ Transit train leaving station, The Crossroads Faced and Choices Made in Charleston Last Week, Brad W. Smith, photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog

Life is a series of choices about what you choose to believe, to do, and to say. You can choose to act and speak in accordance with your values, or you can choose to take a different route.

things fascinate me.  They fascinate me because each one represents a crossroads faced, and choices made to take one path and not another.

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Three Benefits of Living Honest, Open and True

At the beginning of the year I wrote about what it means to Live HOT by being Honest, Open and True. Chances are good you are already living each day by

skeleton key in brass lock of walnut door, Three Benefits of Living Honest, Open and True, Life is HOT blog, Brad W. Smith, photographer,

The key to unlocking better relationships with others is to first create a better relationship with yourself. Then you have the ability to apply those same principles of being Honest, Open and True when you relate to others.

these three elements even if you’ve never thought about it this way. If so, you’re enjoying the rich benefits that come with having a great relationship with yourself and with others, especially with those who are more important to you. I hope you find the Life is HOT blog helpful as you continue your journey, the same way that researching and writing about these topics has helped me.

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