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The Bridges of Friendship

I think of friendship as the bridge that connects me to other people. Like you, my friendships are as varied as the real bridges we cross – some are expansion bridges that span

White duck, small child shaped duck with bill, seal pup, white bear, black Scottish terrier.  bottle-nose dolphin

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and together they form a family around us. We stay connected to them through the bridge of friendship.

long distances and expand and contract in degrees of contact over time.

Others are capable of withstanding very heavy loads. Still others are drawbridges that get pulled up, breaking the connection, sometimes for a short period of time while some obstacle to the friendship passes, and sometimes, the drawbridge is never lowered again and the friendship ends.

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Handling Labor Day When You are Unemployed

We’re coming up on Labor Day, a holiday to celebrate our workforce. It can be a bittersweet weekend for someone who is between jobs because as a society, we are consumed with professional success and failure.

spider in the center of a large web, in the dark night. Background is out of focus.

Building a web around us provides emotional support, fellowship, and helpful ideas on new strategies as part of our job-search network.

The truth is, what makes us valuable contributors to our community is not what we do to earn a living but how we choose to be who we are.

You can trust yourself to handle any awkward situation and avoid uncomfortable moments at the Labor Day barbeque if you’re prepared with a few easy conversational guidelines that allow you to strengthen your personal network, but without turning the neighborhood gathering into your very own job search forum.

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Five Minute Friday: Broken

“You’re too quick to want to be discontent,” the woman said to me on the phone.

I had misunderstood what she meant when she suggested I do something, and had interpreted it in a way that would cost me even more money when I could barely afford the purchase I needed to make.

late-day sun illuminates a bank of dark clouds, sky below the clouds is orange; blue ocean

Without clouds, the sun cannot delight us with color. Without adversity, we cannot know happiness.

I had thought her suggestion impertinent and insensitive, in a ‘let them eat cake’ sort of way. At that moment, I thought all of my plans were broken; I was not going to be able to do what I had set my heart on doing.

I should have trusted that what she was offering was logical and reasonable. I should have trusted that I just needed to work harder to understand her meaning. Continue reading

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