Why You Should Share Your Failures

When you share your failures you offer others an unobstructed view of your inner strength. Not only is strength more powerful than perfection, strength

Why You Should Share Your Failures, LifeisHOTBlog

comes from the choices you make. Perfection comes at the expense of refusing to take risks. Continue reading

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You Don’t have to Face the Holidays Alone

Are you preparing to go it alone for the holidays? Hanukkah. Solstice. Christmas. Kwanzaa. New Year’s. If you are without family or if you are away from your family, you don’t have to face the holidays alone.

Face the Holidays Alone, grapevine buck, Brad W. Smith, photographer

Rather than be alone, invest in your relationships with friends, and let others invest in their relationship with you. Continue reading

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Why Saying and Hearing “No” is for Your Own Good

Remember when your parents would tell you no, you couldn’t do something you desperately thought you just had to do?

Saying No. LifeisHOTBlog, D'Anne Hotchkiss

Are you scared to hear “No?” Are you afraid to say “No” to others? Don’t let an illusion stop you from making the change you need to make.

And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, they’d follow it up by saying, “This is for your own good.” Continue reading

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