8 Life Amendments

There are eight ideals upon which I have built the creed Life is Honest, Open and True. I think of them as my personal Bill of Rights for life. I apply these amendments to the everyday scenarios I write about on this blog.

My amendments are shaped by my boundaries, my values and my code of conduct. They help me live with integrity and take responsibility for my life and my actions. They help me be courteous to others, to live in harmony, and most importantly, to be true to myself.

This is my First Amendment:  

The right to be treated with Respect

I explain what I mean in this post. You Talkin’ to Me?

This is my Second Amendment:

The right to Listen to others

Have a listen, here: It’s the Morning After: What Have We Done?

This is my Third Amendment:

The right to live life with Courage

Read what I mean: Do You Live in Courage?

This is my Fourth Amendment:

The right to bring Commitment to everything I do

Why commitment is so important: Do You Have What It Takes?

This is my Fifth Amendment:

The right to be Trustworthy in all of my relationships

The habits that show us How to Be Trustworthy

This is my Sixth Amendment:

The right to be Honest with myself and others

Why it’s important to be Honest as Abe Lincoln

This is my Seventh Amendment:

The right to be Open to all thoughts and emotions

Opening our minds and hearts to what is honest and true: Is it time to Open a New Book in Your Life?

This is my Eighth Amendment:

The right to tell my own Truth.

There are many degrees of truth, but no absolute truths, only absolute beliefs: There Is No Single Version of the Truth

Do you have a Bill of Rights? If not, I urge you to think about it and start creating one. It will make a difference in your life.

If you already have a personal Bill of Rights, please write and tell me about one of your amendments. Tell me how one has changed your life or how it has made a difference in your relationships with others or with yourself.