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What I Learned Living in New Jersey

When I was in high school in Iowa I worked a number of part-time jobs, mostly in retail. Back then, I figured the primary benefit of those jobs was not the paycheck.

the words love yourself written in sand on the New Jersey Shore little waves rolling in

Experience every bit of life and let it continually reshape you.

The primary benefit was that I would learn something – about life, about other people, about myself. I figured as long as I kept my mind open to learning a lesson larger than the tasks required for the job, then I was meeting my goal.

When I moved to New Jersey 13 years ago, I took that same perspective: Stay open to what life’s experiences have to teach you. I thought I’d share 13 things I have learned while living here. Continue reading

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What Did I Say?

Many years ago I volunteered to travel with my daughters’ high school choir and band to a regional competition. My girls were in choir, and not in band. So when the time came for the band to leave the classroom where we were waiting our turn, I volunteered to stay behind and keep an eye on our stuff (we had been warned not to leave valuables unattended).

DOT green residential street intersection sign Listen and Speak

Choosing words that convey our meaning and consider the feelings of those who hear us lead us to better relationships.

What I said to the other parents was, “I’ll stay, I don’t care about the band.”

Of course what I meant, what I was saying in my head, was, “My children are not performing, your children are, of course you want to hear them. I will want to hear my children in the choir when their turn comes. In the meantime, I’ll stay behind so none of you have to miss your child’s performance.”

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3 Irrefutable Truths About Life

I had dinner with a friend of mine earlier this week and she had some words of wisdom that I want to share with you. Here’s what she said:

  • We’re all flawed.
  • We’ve all made mistakes.
  • We’re all going to die.

And then she asked me, given these three irrefutable truths about life,

vast expanse of the canyon and the rock walls, early morning skylight shines on east-facing walls, other walls remain dark and drab

The walls of the Grand Canyon spring to life when touched by the sun, just as our relationships glow when we shine our attention on them.

really how important is whatever you’re worried about right now? How important is the question you wanted to ask me?

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