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Just the Way You Are

Have you ever tried to change another person in order to make him want what you want, to move her point of view in line with what is acceptable to you?

tile floor, window wall, stacked boxes, 2-wheel cart

You can’t make others change to suit you, and you don’t need to change to suit them. Sometimes the right change to make is to move on.

How has it worked for you? A friend of mine spent years trying to change someone to fit her needs. It was hard for her to come to terms with the idea that he wasn’t going to become someone other than his true self.


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The Sanctuary of Home

Life can be tough. You need a place that feels safe from all the world’s forces that come rushing towards you. A place where you can be yourself. You need to

small house with small yard of flowers, shrubs, white fence

Is your home a sanctuary for all who live there?

also make sure that all those who live with you feel equally safe. Your home need not be elegant or fancy or large. It need only to be a place of safety and acceptance.

“Home is the place where,

when you have to go there,

they have to take you in.”

~ Robert Frost

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Home is as much an attitude of acceptance and warm embrace as it is a physical place. Home is the place where those around you believe in and want the best for you, and you want the best for them.

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How do I Get to Know You?

What can I do to get to know other people?

I’m so glad you asked me.

seated at table, l-r, balding man with glasses next to gray-haired woman with glasses; they are across from gray-haired woman, back to camera

The conversational habit of asking questions will not only tell you a lot about others, it will tell them a lot about you.

Listening to what others say is of course paramount.

Listening to what is meant by what they say is even more effective.

Of course, in order for you to listen, the other person needs to talk. My favorite way to get to know others is to simply ask them questions and then listen!

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