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Sticking Together Through Thick and Thin

When a bad thing happens to someone else, what do you do? Just what kind of friend are you in a disaster?

two men in running gear with paper race numbers pinned to their fronts

A good friend stays with you when the going gets tough.

What kind of friend are you to the person who suffers permanent and severe brain damage? What do you do when a friend learns that his life savings have evaporated through theft, deceit or corruption? What kind of friend are you to the person who goes out for a long run on a sunny day and a bomb explodes, shredding her feet and legs? 

Do you stick around while a friend grieves the loss of a marriage, or the death of a spouse or child? Does your presence bring happiness to someone who is out of a job? Are you the person who comes right over to lend a hand when the sump pump fails or the car needs to be retrieved from the impound lot?

What kind of friend are you now? What kind of friend do you want to be? Continue reading

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Use Your Words

Today would be Dad’s 82nd birthday. He and I shared a love for words, mine is for writing them, and his was for speaking them in front of an audience.  

round badge showing gavel striking a sound block

Learning how to express ourselves clearly and concisely helps us to connect with others under any circumstances.

Dad was a life-long member of Toastmasters International. Not only that, but for years he taught public speaking to teen boys and girls. Boys who were in Boy Scouts of America earned their public speaking merit badge following the course. I took his course and as an adult I have been a member of three Toastmasters chapters.

Dad taught us how to engage in effective communication, and to do so with confidence, because he knew that learning how to say what we mean was a skill that would serve us well as adults. He was proud of every one of his graduates, and concerned for the few kids who couldn’t conquer their fears and dropped out.

Learning to use words effectively to express ourselves is surprisingly difficult, even if we’re not speaking formally in front of a large group or writing for all to read. Continue reading

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Just For Me-Town

Did you know there’s a town in Colorado called Hotchkiss?  I have no idea how many cities and villages across America are named for people. What intrigues me is not that they’re named for people but the seemingly fanciful idea that we can each have a community that we build, just for us.

mature sunflower in summer with two bees on the flower face

We instinctively come together where we know our need will be met.

I mentioned Monday about taking part in a discussion last Saturday with a group of people who get together every month to talk about a topic of common interest. If you read Jesse Lyn Stoner’s  blog post on Monday, “Why My ‘5 Around’ Group is Important to Me and Why You Should Start One,”  you know that she has a different type of group, one that was created to support each of the members professional and personally.

I can’t claim to have done extensive research on the subject of these communities that come together for a particular purpose, but from the research I have done, I’ve made a few observations. Continue reading

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