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How Joe Got His Life Back

Meet Joe Ostaszewski. You might recognize his name from The Biggest Loser Season 14. By the start of the show, Joe had packed on 150 pounds since his days as a player for the NFL.


mountain trail, man standing by bike, red shirt, helmet, biking shorts, gloves

Joe realized being morbidly obese was not the person he wanted to be. He lost the weight, gained self-respect and is now pursuing his own dreams.


Through The Biggest Loser, he lost the weight that made him morbidly obese and found his passion for living. He also found self-respect in a way he didn’t have, he couldn’t have, when he tipped the scales at 364. Continue reading

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What to Say When a Friend is Divorcing

Your friend has just told you that he and his wife are getting a divorce.

What do you say?

If you’re like most people, you can’t find the right words. You want to say something comforting, but you don’t know what to say.

Make no mistake, saying the right thing to a friend who has just announced a pending divorce is difficult. However, your friend

gray haired, plaid shirts, contemplative, somber

The right words in response to bad news provide comfort and support your relationship

knows you’re made of stronger stuff and that’s why he has confided in you. He’s counting on you right now, so it’s time to step up.

There are five parts to a good response that will bring comfort your friend. Continue reading

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Stand Tall When Life Gangs Up on You

We all have those stretches of life when we feel like nothing is going right. Certainly life’s not going the way you want it to.

rock about 50 yards from shore, white waves, brown sand

Call on the rock hard strength that is within you to weather the rough patches in your life.

When life seems to batter you from all sides, stand strong for who you are and true to what you believe in. Most of all

Continue reading

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