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Ask for the Apology You Deserve

You’ve been wronged and you know it. But the person who wronged you hasn’t said, “I’m sorry.” How do you ask for the apology you deserve?

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I’m all for directly stating what you need and what you want in a relationship. When you’ve been hurt and you need to ask for the apology you deserve, you won’t get it by saying, “You need to apologize to me.”

What will get you the apology you deserve is to ask to talk about what happened and how you feel. Continue reading


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Want Real Love? The Key is Fair Fights, Not Flowers

Dr. D. A. Graham is an expert on relationships and how to make them and keep them strong and healthy by resolving the inevitable conflicts through clear communications.

With Valentine’s Day looming, romance is in the air. While I like a bouquet of roses as much as the next person, the pop-culture view of an ideal relationship is usually unrealistic and can lead to disappointment.

Real love fights fair, large bouquet of cut roses and small flowers in glass vase, D'Anne Hotchkiss, photographer

The secret to successful, long-lasting relationships isn’t flowers, it’s how well you fight.


The real secret to successful, long-lasting relationships may have less to do with flowers and more to do with how well you fight.

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The Surprising Lesson for All of Us from Martin Luther King

If you have seen the movie Selma about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the voting rights movement, then you have seen how the voting rights movement was a declaration

tug of war game between men

When you set a new boundary for yourself, you move the unequal boundary others have enjoyed.

of a new boundary. The people said No. No longer. No more. The people said Yes. Yes better. Yes more. Continue reading

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