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Can You Do This One Thing For Me?

Can you help me? How many times have we made that request or responded to a request like that? We all need others to do things for us from time to time. Most of the

Can you do this one thing for me, LifeIsHOTBlog, the word manipulation with graphical treatmenttime these requests are benign in that there’s no motive other than the need for assistance in some small way. Lend me a few bucks for lunch. Hand me the hammer. Pour me a cup of coffee.

And then there are the other requests. The ones that come with a strong emotional appeal, a request for immediate action, and sometimes only vague reasons for complying. No, I’m not talking about supporting your local National Public Radio station. I’m talking about some of the form-letter, chain-mail style requests that get posted on Facebook.  Continue reading


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13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today

Somewhere today between stuffing the turkey before dawn and eating a second piece of pie before bed, across America people will pause and give thanks for family,

13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today, LifeIsHOTBlog, Brad and D'Anne hugging

One more reason to be grateful: Brad gives me great hugs. Photo credit: John Sullivan

friends, food, and chances are, a pretty long list of other things. It’s like we save up our thankfulness for this one day of the year and then hope to acknowledge all of it at once, like checking items off a giant list.

Health, check.

Home, check.

Job, check.

We go wide, but not deep, when we express our thankfulness this way. It’s like taking a little bit of everything from the buffet table. We don’t want to over-commit, to get too involved in stating our thankfulness because, well, things aren’t just the way we’d like them, but gosh, we know we’re supposed to be grateful. It is Thanksgiving, after all. Continue reading

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It’s the Morning After: What Have We Done?

Yesterday American voters had the chance to elect or re-elect their public representatives and to voice their opinions about ballot issues. Yesterday, the American

What have we done? Brad W. Smith photographer, LifeIsHOTBlog, Two seagulls on the beach, walking away from each other

Listening can be hard and making assumptions about what another has said can lead to a fracture in a relationship.

people spoke their truth. Now it’s time for those elected to honor their promises to us. I’m not sure we know what those promises really are. I’m not sure that we really heard what all the candidates have said over the long campaign season. Worse, I’m not sure that those we have elected have heard what we really meant. Continue reading

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