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Report Card: One Month into Forming a New Habit

Last month, I told you that the one resolution I made this year was to live life in honesty, openness and truth, to the best of my ability, in every interaction, in every matter.

Forming a New Habit, Brad W. Smith photographer, Lifeishotblog

Being at the helm of your life requires great skill to navigate the obstacles

I also said that I was only going to keep this resolution for one month, with an option to renew each month, and to let you know in early February how well it worked for me in January.

When I started this blog it was to engage in conversation about what it means to be honest in what we say and do, to be open to others – who most likely have differing viewpoints, and to be true to ourselves in all situations.  Continue reading

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Resolve to Be Your Own Friend

The kind of person I want to be is a person who is my own best friend. The person who respects my thoughts and soothes my fears.

wide path bound by closely spaced young trees

We are meant to only see so far ahead. We are not meant to see all the way to the end.


The person who says to me, sit down, put your feet up, you’ve done enough for right now, take time to recharge your batteries. The person who forgives me my errors and recognizes my humanness. You made a mistake? It’s okay.

Rather than making resolutions to be better for others, we should resolve only to be better for ourselves. Continue reading


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Greetings 2013

You always know it’s an important celebration here in New Jersey when the festivities include fireworks. Tonight there will be many fireworks to accompany the

Fireworks Happy News Year's Brad W. Smith photographer LifeIsHOTBlog

Celebrate 2013

champagne toasts, singing of the traditional Scottish folksong “Auld Lang Syne,” (literally, Old Long Since, meaning long, long ago) and ringing of bells.

Auld Lang Syne is interpreted as a call to remember long-standing friendships as it recognizes the ending of one period of time and the beginning of another (or of an event marking a rite of passage). Brad shot these fireworks a few years ago as part of an end of the school year celebration.


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