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Making Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

Tomorrow is Christmas, a very holy day for our family. Our lives are filled with the joy of sharing this holiday with family andfriends. We are blessed, but I know

Making Peach on Earth, LifeIsHOTBlog, Brad W. Smith, photographer, Alabaster figures of Joseph, Mary and Jesus

Bringing peace on earth and good will to all.

others are acutely missing those who are not in their lives but should be.

I’m not talking about those who are simply celebrating Christmas someplace else, those who are away in military service, or even those who have died. While we miss those people, there’s a different kind of hole in our hearts for those who have broken their connection to us. Continue reading

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Is it Time to Open a New Book in Your Life?

Have you noticed how no one asks us to open our hearts and minds to unpleasantness? No one says, go on, embrace the pain of divorce, the grief of  death. Revel in the identity uncertainty and financial

Open a new book in your life, Brad W Smith photographer, LIfeIsHOTBlog, Blank book open on table

insecurity of job loss. No one asks us to speak of how, barring a miracle, a person’s life is ending within weeks. We don’t talk in polite company about the poor decisions that lead to a company closure, the immoral ones that lead to an economic recession, or the dishonest ones that jeopardize our future.

When it comes to bad news, we find ourselves tongue-tied. When forced to speak, we turn to platitudes.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Continue reading


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13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today

Somewhere today between stuffing the turkey before dawn and eating a second piece of pie before bed, across America people will pause and give thanks for family,

13 Reasons I Give Thanks Today, LifeIsHOTBlog, Brad and D'Anne hugging

One more reason to be grateful: Brad gives me great hugs. Photo credit: John Sullivan

friends, food, and chances are, a pretty long list of other things. It’s like we save up our thankfulness for this one day of the year and then hope to acknowledge all of it at once, like checking items off a giant list.

Health, check.

Home, check.

Job, check.

We go wide, but not deep, when we express our thankfulness this way. It’s like taking a little bit of everything from the buffet table. We don’t want to over-commit, to get too involved in stating our thankfulness because, well, things aren’t just the way we’d like them, but gosh, we know we’re supposed to be grateful. It is Thanksgiving, after all. Continue reading

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