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Stop Caring About What Others Think and Set Yourself Free

Recently, a woman wrote to me expressing her dismay that a family member had wrongly obtained confidential financial information about her and then revealed it to

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When you fill your inner life with quiet confidence about who you are and what is important to you, you stop caring about what others think. You set yourself free from their bonds and discover you can life live joyfully.

other family members. It wasn’t information that anyone needed to act on. You might say, it was none of their business. And you’d be right. Continue reading


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The Election is Over, Can We Return to Respectful and Truthful Discourse?


I don’t know about you, but I am glad the mid-term election is over.

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Your conversations tell others your values as well as your knowledge.

The misinformation, truth-shading and omission of facts that would otherwise provide clear understanding was exhausting, dehumanizing and demoralizing. Continue reading

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Listening as an Act of Love

Have you read the book, Listening Is an Act of Love? It’s a compilation of stories collected by StoryCorps founder

white background, black lettering, color photos of peopleDave Isay from the lives of regular folks like you and me. Isay understands everybody in this world has a story to tell, they just need someone who is important to them who will listen. We celebrate life when we stop and listen to how it looks through another’s eyes. Continue reading


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