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Lights, Camera, Action!

Years ago Jim Carrey starred in a movie called The Truman Show. It was about a man whose every move from the time of his birth had been scripted and choreographed, filmed and broadcast to the rest of the world. All the others in his life were actors, playing their parts. He lived a perfect life. He had no idea he was not living a real life.

Musician Arturo Romay playing guitar during a music video shoot.

Our lives are not a movie script. Everything is not perfectly directed and managed. But when we are free to live our lives as our own, we are free to honestly live.
Credits: Arturo Romay Music Video Shoot with DP Brad W. Smith – Photography by Dennis Symons, Dennis Symons Photographic Arts

Of course, we’re not Truman. Our lives are not perfectly arranged for us. There is no cast and crew working behind the scenes to make sure we’re always exactly where we’re supposed to be and to keep us on script. We don’t always get what we want, or even what we need.

After Truman discovers the truth about his life, he is no longer content to be an actor living his life at the direction of others. He is ready to be the director. He chooses to live as a real person.

Sometimes we do not live our own life but rather live at the direction of others. We agree to be manipulated so that they will love and approve of us. When we discover what is happening, we can choose to do as Truman did. We can choose to break free of the boundaries – the script, that others have penned for us and thereby, penned us in. We can choose to be who we really are. Continue reading

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Am I HOT or Not?

Welcome to contributor Jennifer Alhasa who offers some great insight about managing our personal energy.

When D’Anne first asked me to do a blog on embracing being Honest, Open and True, a plethora of  examples popped up. Yet I’ve written nothing in

LifeIsHOTBlog, Am I Hot or Not? Jennifer Alhasa

Jennifer Alhasa

the weeks since. So here I am, on the last day of my deadline, and boy, do I have one for you!

I’ve been calling myself a “Cancer Coach” for the last year. As such, I’ve helped clients coping with disease to manage stress,

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Honest as Abe Lincoln

I don’t know about you, but when I have to deal with someone who is being intentionally dishonest, it generally makes me angry. My reaction is anger, but what I am feeling is hurt and betrayed. What have I

Honest as Abe Lincoln, Brad W. Smith photographer, cropped upshot of Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln earned the moniker “Honest Abe” through a lifetime of honest actions and words.

done to deserve this dishonesty? Not a single thing. I’d rather be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.

Abraham Lincoln gave sage advice when he said: “…resolve to be honest at all events…” 

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