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Seeing Clearly What Matters to Others

Welcome to contributor Greg Richardson who has some great thoughts on seeing clearly.

Seeing clearly can be a challenge for me. I have been nearsighted for as long as I can remember. I got my first pair of eyeglasses when I was in third grade, because I could not see the board in school.

Seeing Clearly, single human eye on face

Image by orangeacid

I cannot read anything that is my arm’s length away without their help.

My glasses allow me to see things clearly and distinctly that would otherwise be lost to me. I cannot really appreciate beautiful photographs or painting, or beautiful faces, without them. I cannot drive without them.  Continue reading

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Am I HOT or Not?

Welcome to contributor Jennifer Alhasa who offers some great insight about managing our personal energy.

When D’Anne first asked me to do a blog on embracing being Honest, Open and True, a plethora of  examples popped up. Yet I’ve written nothing in

LifeIsHOTBlog, Am I Hot or Not? Jennifer Alhasa

Jennifer Alhasa

the weeks since. So here I am, on the last day of my deadline, and boy, do I have one for you!

I’ve been calling myself a “Cancer Coach” for the last year. As such, I’ve helped clients coping with disease to manage stress,

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