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Getting Your Life on Track

How do porcupines make love?

You know the punchline: Very carefully.

And yet, they obviously are committed to the task.

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Do you suppress certain emotions and in so doing, fail to experience life fully? If so, you are not being true to yourself.

What about you? Is that how you live your life? Are you so careful in how you love and live so that you don’t experience emotional pain that you also don’t feel joy?

If that’s your solution, is it really keeping you from feeling pain, or is it keeping you mired in pain and unable to feel joy?

Are you ready to commit to a better relationship with yourself and with others? Are you ready to get your life on track? Continue reading


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Why You Don’t Need Love

It is just a myth that you need love.

You don’t need love because love is not a thing to get for yourself. Love is an action that you express to others by giving them the gift of the authentic you.

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Let your love shine through your actions and your words.

What you need is to give love.

When you engage in a real relationship with others by sharing the real you, you’re giving love.

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Flyin’ High

We have to be mindful of all of the details of our lives – the schedules that must be juggled, competing deadlines and

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Keep an eye what is happening around you, but keep your focus on your long-term goals.

priorities that must be met, previously made commitments that are now hard to keep. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday minutiae and lose sight of the horizon Continue reading


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