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What are Your 3 Words for 2015?

You’ve probably read Chris Brogan’s recent post, “My 3 Words for 2015.”

He made a commitment in 2006 to choose three words as his goals and guides to his actions for the coming year.

What are your 3 words, commitment, be true to you

My three words for 2015: Clarity. Gratitude. Listen.

I decided to start doing this as well in 2012, the same year I started this blog. It is part of my commitment to live a life that is Honest, Open and True. When you choose three words and use them as your goals and guides for the year, you’re choosing to live intentionally.

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Thanksgiving Comes Every Day

I will be the first to admit it is easier to be thankful on some days than on others. Heck, sometimes life is so hard

Thanksgiving comes every day, commitment, Brad W. Smith

Sometimes you need to take a second look to realize your life is not the turkey is seems to be.

that it feels impossible to be thankful just once during an entire year. In some ways, this year has been one of the worst of my life, and in other ways, this year has been one of the best of my life. I struggle to remember to see my life as half-full when it’s so obviously half-empty. Continue reading

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Does Your Relationship Need to be Shattered?

A few weeks ago a friend shared with me a statement: “Thank you for breaking my dishes.”

Relationship Shattered, Brad W. Smith, commitment, boundaries

Sometimes it is not until something is well and truly broken do we realize there is a problem.

The story goes that a person had an overnight house guest and in the middle of the night, the host awoke to the sound of dishes being violently broken. He made beeline into his kitchen and witnessed his guest standing in the midst of fine bone china carnage.

The host says to his guest: “Thank you for breaking my dishes!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely certain that ‘thank you’ wouldn’t be among the first 500 or so words that would spring from my lips.

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