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Love Is an Action Not a Feeling

Love has been called the most powerful emotion. But real love isn’t a feeling at all. Love is an action, and because we choose our actions, giving our love to

Love is an Action not a Feeling, woman laughing as she is licked enthusiastically by large black dog, a mix of black lab and beagle.

Love is felt and expressed through a series of actions that we choose to make.

others is a series of choices that we make. There are many different kinds of love, and the most enduring one is unconditional love, love that you give when you have made the decision to accept another person fully and totally. Continue reading


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Why You Should Always be Your Priority

We all talk about priorities as though we can have many things that are most important. There’s only one thing

You should always be your priority, Brad W. Smith photographer, commitment, love yourself,

When you make yourself your priority, you put more time and effort into taking care of your needs than the needs of your employer or even your family.

that can be first in your life. You might fool yourself into thinking that you can put both your job and your family first, but it’s impossible. Priority means, ‘the one thing that is most important.’ It’s both mathematically impossible and grammatically incorrect to claim to have more than one priority.

So, given that you can have only one priority, I suggest that neither your job nor your family should be first. You should be first. You should always be your priority. Continue reading


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How to Connect with Others Through Good Conversations

What is it that makes some of the Super Bowl commercials so engaging? I have a theory and even if I’m wrong, there’s a lesson for anyone who wants to connect with others through good conversations.

Connect with Others Through Good Conversation, Brad W. Smith, photographer, Commitment

A good conversation can connect two people through words the way holding hands can connect through touch.

This year about a third of the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl stood out compared to the other commercials. It wasn’t budgets, star talent or exquisite settings that made those Super Bowl

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