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Your Search for the Truth

The most important thing you’ll ever do in your life is to name your personal truth and use it to guide everything you do and say. Knowing what you believe, knowing your personal truth, is the key to living an

Search for the Truth, Brad W. Smith photographer, woman in harness attached to bungee-like device lifting her high off the ground, doing backwards somersault

When you know your personal truth, you’re free to soar, to risk, to experience abundant life.

honest, open and true life, a life that acknowledges the pure essence of who and what you are.

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7 Ways to Know if Your Life is Aligned – #5 Is the Hardest

A few weeks ago I wrote about how we allow others to change us over time. We make small changes in our own words and actions in response to their expectations or demands.

Your Life is Aligned, Brad W. Smith photographer, magnifying glass on stand over photo in book of a Tuscan hillside vineyard with home.

From time to time we need to open the book of our life and examine it closely to discover the details a casual observer will never see.

We begin to accept as normal certain words or actions from them or ways that they treat us that previously we would have judged unacceptable. Over time, those incremental changes can end up taking us far away from our true selves. Continue reading

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For People Who Want to Walk Their Talk

First, this is my 200th blog post and I want to tell you how much I appreciate you helping me reach this milestone.

When I started writing this blog, I decided to base it on my personal creed that you make the world a better place to live for yourself and others when you walk your talk – when your 

People Who Walk Their Talk, Brad W. Smith, photographer, Bronze sculpture 4 men dressed alike in a line, wearing hats, overcoats, work clothes.i

Is your daily bread to align your thoughts, words and actions in ways that are Honest, Open and True?

thoughts, words and actions are aligned and congruent, and to talk about life’s most difficult subjects from my point of view that you can always communicate in ways that are Honest, Open and True, if you know how.

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