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Welcome to Life is HOT, home for people who want to embrace life through Honest, Open and True living. This is where people find more meaning in their daily lives, strengthen their relationships with others and with themselves, and learn to root their decisions and actions in their own values.

D'Anne HotchkissI’m D’Anne (rhymes with ne-On) Hotchkiss. It’s my belief we can live a fuller, richer and more meaningful life if we approach each situation with honesty, and see it as an opportunity to be open to ideas that are new to us, while at the same time, honoring our own values and boundaries by being true to ourselves.

We all have a personal constitution, those things that make us who we are. I have expanded my personal constitution to focus on eight specific values that further shape and guide what it means to embrace life through Honest, Open and True living. You can read My 8 Amendments now, or click on the tab at the top later.

Come along with me. Let’s see what happens. This site is a place where you can share what it means to you to embrace life with honesty, openness and true-to-you-ness. I hope you will share in my journey, challenge my ideas, and most importantly, offer your own thoughts about what it means to Live HOT.

If you’d like to join our little community and learn with me how to embrace the HOT life, then sign up to follow this blog.

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