Why You Should Share Your Failures

When you share your failures you offer others an unobstructed view of your inner strength. Not only is strength more powerful than perfection, strength

Why You Should Share Your Failures, LifeisHOTBlog

comes from the choices you make. Perfection comes at the expense of refusing to take risks.

If you only share your successes and never share your failures, you’re projecting an image of constant success. No one’s life is like that. When you share your failures, you are telling others that you’re not only not perfect, you’re someone who is comfortable with letting others see you’re not perfect.

You’re Better When You Share Your Failures

It’s easy to look at others from the outside and see only the perfection that they want you to see, while you know every tiny flaw on your own inside.

We’d all be better off if we shared more of our flawed inside, our mistakes, big and small, because when we do, others see us as being accessible, candid and transparent in our actions.

Sometimes I practice the habit of sharing my mistakes when I wouldn’t have to because no one would know if I didn’t say anything. But I share them precisely because I want to  live my value that it is okay to make mistakes.

It can be a small mistake like misjudging how long it takes to get to a friend’s house and arriving very late for dinner. Or, it can be a colossal mistake like being certain a particular business decision or personal decision is right or will yield what you want and then experiencing failure or betrayal. I’ve made all three. You probably have too.

What Happens When You Share Your Failures

It’s not the size of the mistake or your intentions or your culpability that matters, that’s not why you share it. What matters is that you acknowledge that you are not perfect, and it’s okay. You’re okay. You’re not perfect and that’s okay with you.

When you share your failures, you show you can accept your own imperfections and that you can be trusted to be open and accepting of others’ imperfections.

In fact, when you retell your own bad, or even ugly, stories of failure, three things happen that are necessary for your future success.

  • One, when you acknowledge your failure, you see how your choices led you to that point.
  • Two, only then can you avoid repeating the same situation.
  • Three, acknowledging your failure allows you to move past it. You’re free to try other options.

Failure is always an option. In fact, it may be the option that is most readily available. If you don’t experience failure, then you’re not stretching yourself and that is its own kind of failure. You can’t know how good you can be if you never risk failure. You make yourself better when you admit your failures, to yourself and to others.

You owe it to yourself to share your failures.

Live Honest, Open and True

Today, look for the opportunity to acknowledge to yourself and to others that you’re not perfect, and you’re okay with that.

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