Just Fix It and Move Forward

The good news about making a mistake is that eventually, you learn that when you make one, you can trust yourself to just fix it and move forward.

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I admit I still sometimes struggle with admitting my mistakes. It’s something that I think we all struggle with at least sometimes, in part because certain mistakes are just harder to admit than others.

I have learned a few things that make it easier to face my mistakes, set things right, and leave the past in the past. I have learned to trust myself to handle the situation after I have made a mistake. In fact, I have learned to trust my mistakes as well. Some of my worst mistakes have given me the biggest opportunity to grow, often in a way I didn’t know I needed.


Making a mistake is a gift, not a burden or a punishment

Every mistake is an opportunity to learn, to acknowledge your mistake to yourself, to forgive yourself, and to make amends.

This is how you learn to trust yourself.


Making a mistake is a chance to show my true self

Some people are so afraid to be seen as imperfect that they lie about what they’ve done, or try to sweep their mistakes under the rug. The saddest part about that is that others see the mistakes and discern the lies about them. When you refuse to step up and accept your responsibility, you take an easily forgivable mistake and turn it into a personal failing that is much harder to forgive, and impossible to ignore.

You do not learn to trust yourself. Worse, others learn that you are not trustworthy.


Making a mistake is a chance to leave the past in the past

When you make amends and make a decision about how to do things differently going forward, and accept yourself for your imperfections, you leave the past in the past.

You show others that you trust yourself, and that you are worthy of their trust as well.


There are only two mistakes one can
make along the road to truth; not
going all the way, and not starting.
~ Buddha


Personal Appraisal

What do you do when you make a mistake?

Do you:

  • Acknowledge it, correct it and forget it?
  • Sweep it under the run and pretend you aren’t responsible?
  • Let your mistake eat at you?

Every time you admit a mistake and correct it, you build your resilience to mistakes so that the next time, it’s easier to admit your error and to accept your responsibility. This is because you learn to trust yourself. You trust yourself to handle the situation when you make a mistake, and to learn from your mistakes.

Resilient people don’t let their mistakes stop them. They know that failing is not the same as being a failure. They know to just fix it and move forward.

Live Honest, Open and True

What opportunity has been offered to you this week to acknowledge a mistake you’ve made? Make a decision to admit it, ask for forgiveness and choose the specific action you will take to avoid the same mistake in the future. Whatever mistake you have made, you can push through it. Make a decision to see the opportunity that is being offered to you and then share your resilience over on our Facebook page.

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