The Most Powerful Way to Make a Connection

Do you know that the most powerful way to make a connection is through touch? Touch is the first sense we develop and it is a lifelong central component to our health


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Touch establishes connection and strengthens relationships.


and our happiness. At our house we start and end each day with a hug. When I’m with friends or close work associates, I often lightly touch the arm or shoulder of a person I’m talking with. 

I find that touch improves my own happiness, and strengthens my connection to those who are most important to me. It’s not something I consciously think about, it’s just something I do.

So I wasn’t surprised to learn that scientific studies show touch is a language we instinctively know how to use. In fact, you may do a better job of communicating by touch than you do through your voice or facial expressions – the two that we think we rely on most.


“Touch comes before sight, before speech.

It is the first language and the last,

and it always tells the truth.”

― Margaret Atwood, Der blinde Mörder (The Blind Assassin)


Make a Connection with Touch

You might associate more frequent touching with small children, however, there’s no evidence that we ever outgrow the need for touch. Studies of adults have shown that touch lowers our stress hormones and raises the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which increases our sense of trust and attachment. Who doesn’t need less stress and more feel-good? And, because you can’t touch without being touched, when you touch others, you experience some of the same benefits.

If you don’t think of yourself as a person who connects with others through touch, the good news is that you can change your attitude and your actions. It might take a little courage on your part to get started, precisely because touch is such a powerful way to connect with others.

Start by accepting hugs when they are offered. Shake hands when you say hello or good-bye to people. Give a pat on the shoulder or arm when you’re talking to someone. Once you start making touch a habit, you’ll find that it begins to come naturally to you, and in time, you’ll even miss it when you don’t get the chance to include touch as part of your communications.


How often to you do this simple act every day?

Who will you reach out and touch today?

Live Honest, Open and True

Touch is the most powerful form of communication we have. A gentle touch can help you establish connections and strengthen your relationships. Use the power of your touch today.

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