Have You Watched Enough Sunsets?

When the sun comes up tomorrow, will you be here to see it? I ask, because statistically, 822 people who get up this morning, without a single thought about

Have you watched enough sunsets? Brad W. Smith photographer, sunset across the Pacific Ocean,

Have you watched enough sunsets? When your life starts to flash before your eyes, what precious moments will you see?

the length of their lives, will not get up tomorrow. Tuesday was that morning for a friend of mine. Like my friend across the country, they won’t see the end coming. It’s an ugly truth: you can’t count on enjoying your life later. So, ask yourself a few questions today: Have I smelled enough roses? Watched enough sunsets? Or am I too busy?

When I started writing this post a few days, I considered how lucky I was that my family is all healthy. No one is battling a dreaded disease. None of my friends is on the verge of pre-mature death. And then I got the call yesterday. Tuesday afternoon he didn’t feel well. Before Wednesday afternoon, he was dead.

So, do you consider yourself lucky?

Do you want to take the chance?

How are You Living Your Life?

If life isn’t fun for you, you’re living it wrong.

So, take time to goof off even, or perhaps especially, by doing absolutely nothing. Spend several hours a week doing something you enjoy, preferably with someone you love, with family, or with friends.

It’s easy to forget that if you’re not enjoying your life, you’ve lost your purpose.

I don’t mean that you should abandon all responsibility or that you should always feel happy. There are a lot of good, valuable parts of daily life that aren’t fun. Changing diapers and filing expense reports are high on my list of necessary but nasty. I do mean that with all the responsibilities, obligations and commitments you have on your plate, it’s far too easy to forget your priority needs to be to yourself.

If you don’t make your life important, you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

 “It is good to have an end to journey toward,

but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

~Ernest Hemingway

Live Honest, Open and True

It’s easy to let the busyness of daily life get in the way of living. Don’t put off until some other time those things that build memories and cement relationships. Make sure you make time each day to do something for yourself, and to build a memory with someone you love.


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