Have Fun! Experience the Pleasure of Being Alive

How often do you have fun? If you’re like most adults, it’s probably been a while since you took a step back from the busyness and responsibility of your life and

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This is me, sitting on the deck of the Victory Chimes, with my head buried in my laptop. I was writing, instead of enjoying the fun of sailing.

did something just for the pleasure of it. Maybe you shy away from fun because you think you’re too busy. Maybe your reluctance to have fun stems from the false belief that fun is something that is reserved for children.

Perhaps its time you were reminded that when you have fun, you experience the pleasure of being alive.

Life isn’t about pleasing everybody else at the expense of your own pleasure of living. Having fun is a way to show love for yourself. There are eight other reasons why it is important to have fun.

If you’re not certain how to get the most out of having fun, there are nine tips for you later here.

I wrote about this topic a few weeks ago when I asked, “When was the Last Time you Goofed Off?” In that post I challenged you to do things during that time purely for fun. You don’t have to reserve fun for special occasions that must be saved and planned for. You can make fun an element of how you look at life every day and the people who are around you and how you are around them. Fun is about taking a mental retreat from the demands of your daily life, and catching your breath, bringing a fresh charge to your batteries.

Fun is a Way to Enjoy Being Alive

“The indispensable first step to getting the things

you want out of life is this: decide what you want.”

~ Ben Stein

Is fun important to you? One reason is should be is that having fun is a way of showing love for yourself. Here are six more reasons why having fun is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Having fun:

  1. Is a way of relating to others.
  2. Reduces your inhibitions.
  3. Spurs your creativity.
  4. Reduces your stress.
  5. Is a break from the serious business of being an adult.
  6. Is a way of getting more out of life.

Still not sure? If you need to feel like you’re doing something good for others, here are two more reasons.

It’s important to model having fun for those you lead at work. Plan for fun outings for your team, department, office, or company. Don’t expect your employees to shoulder the tasks of organizing your fun event or acting as hosts or event workers unless everyone is equally involved in those tasks. You can hire event managers for a company picnic, or plan to go someplace like an amusement park where others are in charge of making the outing fun.  There’s nothing that says ‘you’re not important’ more than expecting some employees to work so that others can have a good time.

At home, let your children see you having fun for yourself, not just engaging as a parent in things that are fun for them. You can tell them about your plans in advance, take a few pictures, and share stories with them about where you went and what you did and what made it fun. When you do, you model good adult behavior and you model sharing your life with them in the way you want them to share their lives with you.

9 Ways to Experience the Fun of Having Fun

Having fun is a choice and an action. If you’re out of the practice of having fun, remember these tips.

  1. Savor your fun.
  2. Let yourself be happy.
  3. Engage all of your senses.
  4. Connect with others.
  5. Pretend you’re on vacation.
  6. Be open to new experiences.
  7. Relax your rules.
  8. Remember to laugh!
  9. Spend a little money, or not.

“You can be childlike without being childish.

A child always wants to have fun.

Ask yourself, ‘Am I having fun?'”

~ Actor Christopher Meloni

Live Honest, Open, and True

Fun takes personal effort and commitment. Having fun is part of living an authentic and meaningful life. When you are true to yourself and live in line with your values, it’s easier to find time to put fun into your life. What will it take for you to trust that it is okay include fun in your life? Ask yourself how you can put more fun in your life today.

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