Micromanaging Doesn’t Work at Home Either

You probably know about the pitfalls of micromanaging others at work. Do you know that micromanaging your relationships at home doesn’t

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How do you interact with those you’re closest to? Do you watch what they do or do you attempt to manage every second of their lives for them? Toss the watch and experience the freedom of living without needless constraints.

work either? No relationship is strong when you’re always working to micromanage others’ time or how they complete tasks, or checking up on their activities.

Your efforts to micromanage others sends a lot of bad messages. The response to those messages is often irritation, resentment or even intentional failure to follow through as promised. Your micromanaging leaves you exhausted, frustrated, and says that you don’t trust them to manage their own lives.

It also says that you don’t trust yourself to handle the actions and choices they might make.

If you want to build the relationship you share, start by loosening your grip. Let things happen naturally instead of forcing things to happen as you ordain them. Trust that you will be okay.

Relax! Let go.

Things may turn out better simply because you’re not trying to micromanage. When you relax, the door opens for you to release your fears about what the future holds. When your actions are no longer controlled by fear, you’re open to engaging in real conversations about things that are more important to the two of you, like honesty and trust and truth.

Live Honest, Open and True

Micromanaging never improves, it only limits, the breadth and depth of your relationships with others. Loosen your grip and trust everything will be okay, and watch your relationships will grow over time.

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