Being Honest Does Not Mean Doing This

It’s time to be honest about what being honest means. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m just being honest!”

Speak with honesty, think with sincerity, act with integrity

Or, when others object to what has been said, “You just can’t handle the truth.” Being honest does not mean being rude, insensitive to others feelings, using harsh language or swearing like a sailor.

People who do these things are not acting with the goal of being honest. They act to put themselves on a pedestal above others. It’s as if they’re saying, I’m superior to you because I alone see the truth and only I am willing to speak it.

When you live an honest life, you’re willing to talk about things candidly while still respecting others’ feelings, their needs, and their intelligence.

The act of speaking with respect while being candid also shows you respect yourself. Honesty is not minimized or lost when the words you choose express your view or a set of facts without injuring others.

Candor has its place. Candor can be necessary to help others see things they may not see on their own and speaking with candor can be one of the most loving things you can do for someone.

It’s easier to live with yourself when you maintain respect for yourself and for others, and that makes it easier to love yourself. When you love yourself, you can show others love for them through your actions, in this case, the words you choose to use when speaking with them.

If being honest is important to you and you long for stronger relationships with others, bring more tact to your candor.

Live Honest, Open and True

Being honest with tact and candor brings you closer to the people who are important to you and you closer to yourself. I believe in you and want the best for you and know you can achieve the best for yourself.

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Tweet: Being Honest Does Not Mean Doing This, a blog post by D’Anne Hotchkiss

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