14 Ways to Love Yourself

How do you show you love yourself? For starters, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so you can

Two gift bags of identical shape and size.

Only when you give yourself the gift of love can you give the gift of love to others.


buy yourself a gift. Have no idea what you’d like? That’s okay, take a few minutes right now and think about how you can show you love yourself. I have 14 ways you can love yourself that I’ll share with you.

I am not suggesting you embrace narcissistic self-involvement. That kind of self love makes others keep their distance from you. When you genuinely love yourself, you put your needs first. You take care of yourself. While many people are taught to be kind to others, to think of others and put them first, it is equally important to be kind to yourself, to think of yourself, and to take care of yourself. These are elements of self love and self love is the first step to creating lasting, loving relationships with others. Only when you learn to love yourself can you truly love anyone else.

Whether you buy yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day or not, you can certainly show you love yourself.

How to Love Yourself

Today and every day, here are 14 ways to love yourself:

  1. Make a List of Your Traits, Good and Bad
  2. Accept All of Your Traits as Parts of Yourself
  3. Name the Positive Opposite of Each Bad Trait
  4. Take a Vow to Be Honest
  5. Be Kind to Yourself
  6. Give Yourself Compliments
  7. Allow Yourself to Change
  8. Recognize and Acknowledge Your Feelings
  9. Let Go of Guilt
  10. Dare to Dream Your Biggest Dreams
  11. Give Yourself Positive Affirmations
  12. Practice Gratitude
  13. Give of Yourself in Service to Others
  14. Allow Yourself to Feel the Love from Within

Live Honest, Open and True

When you love yourself, you are aware of your strengths and your weaknesses and you accept and love all parts of yourself. When you know and love yourself, you feel good about yourself most of the time. You treat yourself well, and you treat others as well as you treat yourself. Only when you love yourself can you develop and nurture loving relationships with others. So go on, buy yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day.

I believe in you and want the best for you and know you can achieve the best for yourself.

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  5. “Like Water for Chocolate” is still one of my favorite movies. Every time I watch it I come away with a different understanding of the story and the love shared, and denied.

  6. nannieofthenorth

    Your entry on loving oneself reminded me of the movie “Like Water for Chocolate”–right title? When the woman was happy with herself, people raved about her food. That’s where I spend my time dishing out love to my family. From the time I turn on the light and pick my apron, I try to marshal the love and care shown to me by the cooks/nurturers who nourished me and channel it into my dishes. My chili still falls flat, and for the grandchildren, it’s no more than tomato soup or chicken noodle courtesy of the cans (because that’s what they eat!). But they call it Nannie’s soup.

    And thank you for sharing the post on Marion house and the love shared there!

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