How Do You Live HOT?

Some people are puzzled by the phrase Life Is HOT until I explain HOT is an acronym for Honest, Open, True.

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What about you, are you ready to proclaim a willingness to live HOT by the principles of being Honest, Open and True?

Life is HOT is a reminder to live life by these three principles.


As in, be truthful. Don’t lie. This goes beyond sharing the facts as you know them to include knowing and sharing your feelings, no matter what they are.


As in, be open to ideas, circumstances, people, events or anything else that challenges your personal status quo, whether the challenge is to your beliefs, to your usual way of doing things, or to your expectations of others.


As in, true to yourself. Your values, your needs, your beliefs. Be true to yourself at all times and you will get what you need (not necessarily what you want) from others and you will be able to give to them in ways that honor your values, needs and beliefs (not necessarily what they want).

So why is this important? Because when you live the HOT life, you’re showing love for yourself, and love for others.

For those who practice the Christian faith, you’ll recognize the biblical nature of this.

…. ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’…

~ Mark 12: 31

The problem is, too many people find it hard to love themselves. Love is a beautiful gift. You can’t give this gift to others unless you first have it for yourself. When you love yourself, you live a healthier and happier life. You feel more confident. You’re more willing to take on challenges. You’re more likely to succeed. You give yourself the credit you deserve, and you find it easier to accept responsibility for your failures.

That’s what this blog is about, learning to love yourself and to bring that love to every situation and every relationship. I believe the core, the foundation of loving yourself, is built on being Honest, Open and True.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Being honest about the facts and your feelings, being open to new ideas, experiences, ways of looking at things, and remaining true to yourself in all interactions are the keys to living a HOT life. When you live HOT, you develop a deeper relationship with yourself, and that makes it possible to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with others.

I believe in you and want the best for you and know you can achieve the best for yourself.

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