When All You Can See is the Tree, Know There is a Forest

When you’re going through a rough patch – divorce, illness, unemployment, loss – the present problem can be

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A single event, when viewed up close and in isolation, can look insurmountably imposing, a barrier to a happy life.

so all-consuming that is impossible to see your current circumstances as part of a larger picture for yourself.

There is always a larger picture. Every chapter in your life, no matter how long, or how short, has its purpose and

place in the mosaic of your life. It may not be possible to understand how the current event fits, or why it is part of your life, while you are in the midst of it.

Tough times are confusing times. They are also learning times and growing times.

When you have learned what you are meant to learn, grown in the way you are meant to grow through your adversity, then you will have the perspective to see the larger picture. Adversity is not something that disrupts your life, it is part of your life journey in the same way that success and good times are part of your life.

purple blue mussel shells, mottled gray and white, many open.

When viewed from the vantage point of growth and knowledge, it’s possible to see how a single life event is meant to fit into your life mosaic.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Understand that while the purpose of the adversity in your life may not be clear right now, it will make sense to you later in your journey. Life is series of small things that are woven together to create a bigger picture. That picture cannot be seen while you’re in the midst of adversity, it can only be seen from the perspective of having grown and learned from your adversity.

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