Fun, Fun, Fun

We’re busy getting ready for Halloween here at our house, the most joyous holiday of the year for Brad. His inner child will have the kind of fun over the next

young black woman and young white man dancing outside in renaissance-period clothing.

Dressing up to play a part is a perfect way to escape your adult routine and have a little fun. Let this Halloween weekend be a time of joy for you and your inner child.

two days that makes most adults envious and scares the dickens out the pint-sized.

He typically goes all out, decorating the front of the house, jack-o-lantern on the front porch, smoke machine, scary music piped outside, and dressing up as a spooky butler who can make the front door open all by itself and greeting everyone with a laugh that makes your blood turn cold. He knows that play, fun and good times bring joy to your inner child.

You remember your inner child, don’t you? The one that you keep stuffed in the back corner of your mind and in the depths of your soul so that you can concentrate on really important things, like that report you hope will impress your boss, the yard work, paying the bills that are due next week.

You Deserve a Break Today

Play is more than a break from the routine, it’s a chance to take care of yourself, of needs you may not even realize you have because you have ignored them for so long. Adults need play and fun. Taking a break from your adult routine actually helps you achieve your adult goals, in the same way that rest is important to building muscles and sleep is important to learning and performance.

Impossible, you say? You don’t have a thing to wear? Pretend! Put on the clothes you wear to paint the house, tear the fabric in a few strategic places, and you’re a bum. Drag out that tuxedo you only wear once a year, add a cigar and a fake accent, and you’re a pompous millionaire. Be a housemaid, a gardener, a streetwalker, a mad scientist. Step outside your comfort zone and be open to what happens when you do. It’s the perfect weekend to give it a try.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: We all need a break from our adult routines. This weekend, let your inner child out to play for a while. You’ll feel rested, relaxed, creative, and satisfied with yourself, if you do.

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    Love this post! So many people never allow their inner child out! Happy Halloween!

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