If I Let You Go, Will You Fly Away?

“If you love someone, set them free.

If they come back they’re yours;

if they don’t they never were.”

~ Richard Bach, American writer

Today is the first day of school here in Charlotte. Depending on where you live, your children may have started classes a few weeks

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If I let you go, will you fly away?

ago, or you may be eagerly counting down the days until they fly away for the wonderful first day of classThere’s something magical about watching your child fly away on that first day of school. It’s a milestone moment, an undeniable rite of passage that signifies they’re another year closer to that time when they’ll be out on their own.

You can’t help but wonder and worry a bit. Do they have all that they need? Not just the clothes, notebooks, sneakers and colored pencils, but ‘are they prepared to handle whatever comes their way?’

Of course your real questions are, Will they thrive? Have I done my job as a parent? Am I strong enough to let them experience life?

Letting go of those you love so that they can experience new things, gain new skills or even just meet other people, requires you to be open to allowing them to succeed on their own.

Letting go is an integral part of your commitment to your relationship with one another.

When you’re open, when you’re ready to relinquish control of them and of the situation, your actions demonstrate your belief in their ability to handle the nearly inevitable set-backs and missteps that occur, and to realize success. Sometimes it means you must allow them to succeed in their own way, and that’s not always the way you would choose to realize success. Your actions and words are powerful statements about your trust in them, your expectations for their success and your willingness to help them stand up again when they fall.

Letting go can be one of the hardest things you have to do, and it is absolutely necessary. It is necessary so that your children can become adults who thrive and are able to handle their own lives. It is also necessary for your relationship to thrive.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: In any relationship, letting go is as difficult as it is absolutely necessary. When you can be open to letting others succeed and fail on their own, you communicate your trust in them and your commitment to your relationship.

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