Getting Your Life on Track

How do porcupines make love?

You know the punchline: Very carefully.

And yet, they obviously are committed to the task.

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Do you suppress certain emotions and in so doing, fail to experience life fully? If so, you are not being true to yourself.

What about you? Is that how you live your life? Are you so careful in how you love and live so that you don’t experience emotional pain that you also don’t feel joy?

If that’s your solution, is it really keeping you from feeling pain, or is it keeping you mired in pain and unable to feel joy?

Are you ready to commit to a better relationship with yourself and with others? Are you ready to get your life on track?

Some people who are in emotional pain attempt to forget it with busyness — one activity after another. Others distract themselves with sound — always listening to music, the TV, talking, anything to drown out the thoughts in their heads. Others turn to alcohol or other drugs to numb the pain and keep the thoughts at bay.

Your Life on Track

None of these things help in the long run, of course, they only serve to keep you off track, mired in your pain. You get your life on track again, honestly facing your pain, being open to embracing it and moving through it by confronting the truth of it.

Ask yourself, if this were a physical pain would I be treating it this same way?

If you’re suffering emotional pain because others have disappointed you, failed you, punished you for things that are not your fault, there’s only one thing to do,  and that’s to be honest about what has happened, be open to confronting what needs to change, and then staying true to yourself by working your way through it, with professional help if necessary. It requires some courage and a willingness to change. 

Your best life is waiting for you, all you have to do is be willing to start living it. Make a commitment to yourself to pull yourself back up from this prickly and painful place and start embracing the life you are meant to live.

“One thing you can’t hide – is

when you’re crippled inside.” 

~ John Lennon

Your Personal Appraisal

  • What has happened in your life that makes you too cautious to move forward?
  • What needs to happen so that you are willing to risk feeling your pain for the sake of once again feeling wonderful joy?
  • How is your pain holding you back from all that you want in your life?
  • Is staying in your painful situation making your life better?

Life Is Honest, Open and True

If you’re feeling stuck in emotional pain, now is the time to begin to free yourself from it so that you can again experience the pleasure of living fully and enjoying relationships with others. Today, start to get your life back on track

  • Begin by being honest with yourself about what’s happening in your life.
  • Choose to be open to finding the help you need to make your life better.
  • Reconnect with your true self and with those true friends who give your life a positive spin.

Thanks to my reader who suggested this story idea to me. If you have an idea you’d like me to address, please let me know by email or in the comment box below.

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