8 Good Life Tips

The secret to having a good life is to live every day by being true to yourself, no matter what comes your way. Sometimes that is much, much easier said than done.

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When you invest yourself, you have better relationships with others.

When you have the best relationship with yourself that you can have, then you’re in position to have the best relationships with everyone in your life: your lover, children, co-workers, even the clerks, officers and workers you encounter daily.Here are my eight tips to help you stay focused on what’s most important: your relationship with yourself.

  •  Embrace the joy of living

Even when there’s not much joy in your life, do not stuff the pain in a corner or hide it behind drugs, alcohol, food, work or other shields. Face your pain. Work your way through it. You’ll like yourself better and so will others.

  • Keep moving forward

Do not forget where you have been, but remember the past is prologue.

  • Honor your commitments

Finish what you start. It is good discipline to see a project through to completion and it is the only way to achieve your goals. With the will to finish, you can accomplish your goals.

  • Take a break

Regularly step away from your daily routine. Take at least several consecutive hours one day a week to do something different, preferably away from home. When you come back, you will have a fresh view and renewed energy.

  • Agree with others

When people tell you you’re wrong, or you have faults, or you need to change, tell them they’re right. You are the movie screen and it is their insecurities that they are projecting on to you.

  • Quit chasing perfection

Its rightful place is on the horizon so you keep your head up and moving forward.

  • Laugh at yourself

It’s the first step to forgiving yourself. No matter what you do or do not achieve, life has only one exit.

  • Live with assurance and confidence

Be open to what comes your way. Live your life honestly, and tell it as truthfully as you can.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Having good relationships with others begins with having a good relationship with you. Try these eight tips to have a good relationship with yourself.

Thanks to my reader who wrote and suggested this story idea to me. If you have a tip, share it in the comment box below.

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