We’re All Stronger Than the Storm

Earlier this week here in New Jersey and in the region we marked the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. The news was filled with stories about how

two-story brown clapboard sided house still standing but broken in two pieces when the ground underneath was washed away.

When our lives seem broken in two, we can live in our memories of what was, or we can work out a plan to move forward to what will be.

while much of the shoreline and the communities along the shore have been restored, much work remains. An ad campaign earlier this year proclaimed that New Jersey and its citizens are “stronger than the storm” and featured the rebuilding efforts and the determination of those most affected to not let Sandy be the defining moment in their lives, the moment marking their turn from happy and successful to downtrodden and defeated.

We don’t have to have dealt with Superstorm Sandy, or Katrina, or Irene, Rita, Andrew or Floyd, or any of the tornadoes that flattened Joplin, or Aplington and Parkersburg, or Greensburg or Moore, or the raging Red, Missouri or Mississippi rivers that flooded Midwestern cities, or the fires that burnt wide swaths of California or Arizona, or the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, or the various landslides in many regions of India, to know what it’s like to weather a storm.

We all have our own storms to survive. And like the survivors of those high-profile acts of Mother Nature, we pick up the pieces, sweep up the debris, and assemble a new life for ourselves. We know the new life will be different from the old life, and that’s okay, because we also know that the new life may even be better.

We move forward simply because any other choice is unworkable.

But it’s no use going back to yesterday, because

I was a different person then.

~ Lewis Carroll

Your Personal Appraisal

  • How much time do you spend talking about your past accomplishments?
  • If you let go of your past, how would you feel?
  • The future will happen no matter what, how do you want to greet it?

Live Honest, Open and True

As you go about your tasks today, take a few minutes to:

  • Make an honest assessment of all the bad things that have happened in your past. No one’s past is perfect, yours is not the exception.
  • Open your mind to explore the possibilities of life if you let go of the past that limits your future.
  • Recognize that no matter how good life has been to you, you have much left to experience, to give, and to do. If you’ve already found your true calling, resolve to do it better. If you’re searching for your true calling, put together a plan to discover it, because it cannot find you on its own.

Thanks to my reader who suggested this story idea to me. If you have something you’d like me to address, please let me know by email or in the comment box below.

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