Labor Day Celebrates our Commitment to Others

The work we do deserves far more recognition than the pay we receive and so today, Labor Day, we recognize and celebrate the commitment of workers to their families and their communities.

White man building a wood framework for sandbox with playhouse over the top. Utility truck in background. Backyard grass and trees.

Payments come in many forms, not just cash. We labor for our family and friends as part of our commitment to them.

When we look at work as a form of commitment, it is easy to see how commitment comes in many forms not signified by a paycheck. Consider all the work that is only legally recognized as labor if money changes hands: housework, child care, car repair, lawn care, home maintenance, volunteer services of all sorts.

Even small things we consider favors, such as putting out the neighbor’s trash on pick-up day or giving a friend a lift – all of it is unpaid work that we do for those around us because we know we belong to one another.

Scientists now think we may actually be wired to consider others’ needs because taking care of others makes it more likely we all survive. Our compensation for our efforts is the good feelings we get after we have shared our time and talent with others.

Our relationships are built on more than money and payment for our labor comes in many forms besides cash: recognition, appreciation, gratitude and in stronger relationships.

We all work, whether our work is recognized as paid labor or not. Today, celebrate your commitment to those you love and serve every day. Before you go to bed tonight, stand in front of the mirror and say: I am a wonderful and hardworking person.

Happy Labor Day.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Today, celebrate your talents by spending time in fellowship with family, friends, neighbors or your community.

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