Five Minute Friday: Broken

“You’re too quick to want to be discontent,” the woman said to me on the phone.

I had misunderstood what she meant when she suggested I do something, and had interpreted it in a way that would cost me even more money when I could barely afford the purchase I needed to make.

late-day sun illuminates a bank of dark clouds, sky below the clouds is orange; blue ocean

Without clouds, the sun cannot delight us with color. Without adversity, we cannot know happiness.

I had thought her suggestion impertinent and insensitive, in a ‘let them eat cake’ sort of way. At that moment, I thought all of my plans were broken; I was not going to be able to do what I had set my heart on doing.

I should have trusted that what she was offering was logical and reasonable. I should have trusted that I just needed to work harder to understand her meaning.

We sometimes think something in our lives is broken, when in fact, it is not. It’s just not what we expected and not what we thought we wanted.

We don’t have to be Pollyanna, and it’s not a matter of whether we see the glass half-full or half-empty, or even as a problem of twice as much glass as what we need.

Sometimes, we need to look at what we think is a broken situation as an opportunity to go forward in a new direction, a new adventure. We need curiosity for what lies in store and what the future might bring and what we might learn, do, experience. Who might we meet because we’ve gone down a different path?

Or, what might have befallen us had we stayed on the old path? Just because we thought it might be good, great even, and just what we always wanted, there’s no way to know that, any more than we can know that having to go in a different direction isn’t actually going to give us something better.

When we trust that our lives are never broken, even when our spirits are bent and our bodies bruised and tired, we find the strength to move forward. When we trust that everything that happens to us is part of a larger picture that we cannot see in its entirety until our end days, we find contentment.

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