Five Minute Friday: Present

This week we gave a wonderful present to our little ones. It is a custom-made sandbox with fort, tire swing, two ropes for climbing and a climbing wall. Brad and a friend started on it Monday morning. After we all watched the delivery truck unload the materials, I gave the kids a book, “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site,” that I had wrapped in gift paper decorated with construction equipment. Before lunch I’d read the book to them, twice.

From time to time during the day we’d troop to the back yard to see the progress. Tuesday the work continued. Wednesday was great fun for us adults, but not so much for the kids because our granddaughter had figured out that we knew what it was, and that her mom knew what it was, but that we were keeping it a secret. Further, we did our best to keep them from sneaking a peek.

I must confess, my daughter did a much better job at that than I did. The kids double-teamed me and each managed to get a good look while the other one kept me occupied. My daughter said, ‘welcome to my life,’ and I reminded her I knew exactly what it was like, having raising her and her sister.

When all was ready, we went out into the backyard and introduced them to the finished playhouse. After they’d tried out everything else and Brad had taught them how to climb the ladder and the wall, and how to get into the almost-too-fat tire swing, we uncovered the sandbox. Very quickly the toys came out, the sidewalk chalk was emptied from its box (on to the ground without ceremony) so that it could be packed full of sand, and soon after that, the first fistfuls of sand were thrown from the box.

I figure that meant it had been properly christened. While they were busy playing in the sand, I brought out two built-for-the-sandbox construction toys, wrapped in the same construction-equipment decorated paper, and then I got into the box with them, while Brad took pictures.

The kids will have many hours of joy from this present, but Brad and I got the real gifts. We had three days of being present with our family, building memories together. There is no better present on Earth than that.


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  7. Came by from FMF. What a great gift to each other and to your children! Love this!!! 🙂

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