Give a Cheer for Independence!

No day is happier for Americans than today, July 4,  the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence.

Spider and palm fireworks against a black sky

We celebrate the unlimited possibilities of what can be accomplished when we set out to build a brighter future

The principles upon which our country was founded, as embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are freedoms we struggle with every day as a democratic nation.   

It was in the spirit of our country’s Bill of Rights that I wrote my own personal amendments. If you do not have a code of conduct that guides you through life’s challenges, think about what rights you might grant yourself.

But not today. Today, celebrate our freedoms and independence with family and friends. If you find yourself alone today, swing by the store for some barbeque and watermelon, and some sparklers and snakes, and get yourself over to a Veterans hospital, a nursing home or an orphanage. You’ll find plenty of people there who are eager to celebrate with you.  

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Celebrate today the freedoms and the values you cherish.

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