Five Minute Friday: Listen

“Would you just shut up for a minute and listen to me!” I shouted angrily. I drew in a long breath and let it out. Then, quietly, “please?”

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When we listen with acceptance and without judgment, we speak volumes about how much we care.

Sometimes all we really want is for someone we love to hear us out. To not interrupt. To not offer interpretation. To do nothing other than to intensely focus on us, and to hang on every word we say.

Hearing is not sufficient. It’s not enough for the other person to remain silent until we’ve stopped talking. What we want, what we need, is for that person to listen and to understand the feelings behind the words. Most importantly, to allow us the luxury of feeling our feelings.

And then, perhaps, when silence fills the air, to tell us that everything will be all right. We might be angry, afraid, frustrated, or scared right now, but whatever the situation is, everything will be all right. Even if life will never be the same.

What we need to know in those moments , is that we are accepted; we will not be abandoned, no matter what. We need to feel it in the core of our being.

When we listen to another person in this manner, we are saying, “You are loved. You are important to me. I accept you just the way you are. I hear for you, and I am here for you.”

Yes, this appears on Saturday, most often not until Sunday. Yes, this post is part of  ‘Five Minute Friday’ – today, on the theme: Listen

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  5. Laura Hedgecock

    Great message. Especially as my kids enter adulthood, I’m trying to teach them that I can listen without advising or trying to fix. I want to just hear them, so they’ll talk.

    Laura Hedgecock

    • I remember going through that stage with my kids. I remember telling them, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Nothing builds confidence faster than a grown-up’s expectation that you can handle your own problems. Nothing diminishes it faster than your parents telling you what to do. No matter what your age!

  6. Listening is a tough life skill to learn. Aren’t you glad we got the challenge from Five Minute Friday to . . . um . . . listen this week?

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