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I’ve gotten up early to have some quiet time free from radio or TV or music streaming live from the Internet. Fog obscures the tops of buildings and limits my ability to see beyond a couple of blocks of houses to the fields and trees that surround our neighborhood.

two rows of grape vines growing, one on either side, with fog obscuring the rest of the vineyard and the surrounding countryside.

When denial obscures our thinking, it is easy to believe that we’re seeing all that there is to see and nothing is hidden from our view.

If I did not know better, I would think that everything I cannot see looks just like what I can see. In a few hours, the sun will shine so brightly that I will need sunglasses.

Misinformation is the fog that hides the truths we need. The truths that we need to make the right choices for ourselves, the choices that we would make if only we could see the truth.

Misinformation is the intentional misleading by others to cause us to do or not do according to their wishes.

  • “I have to work late again tonight, don’t wait up.”
  • “I only lost a few dollars in the poker game. It’s just a way for me to unwind.”
  • “I told you that before. You needn’t be angry with me.”

Misinformation is also the culprit that causes us to mislead ourselves.

  • “He has an important job; I shouldn’t be surprised that he works long hours.”
  • “She can’t have a gambling problem if she only loses a little. Geez, the checking account balance is awfully low.”
  • “Oh, I didn’t hear you tell me that, my apologies.”

In the second case, we provide the misinformation to ourselves because the truth is too painful. What we choose to not know protects us from painful truths, and so we shroud the truth in denial.

Sooner or later, the fog lifts from our eyes and we must confront the truth.

  • “He’s not really working late.”
  • “She lost more money than she is admitting to.”
  • “He did not tell me that before.”

When we choose to no longer believe that what we see or what we hear is all there is to be seen and heard, the light illuminating our lives can be momentarily blinding, painfully burning our eyes after years of living in the dull gray overcast of obscured truth.

But if we keep our eyes open, we soon grow accustomed to the clear view of a broader horizon and brighter colors that only come when the fog has lifted.

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  7. Al

    Great interpretation of view. 🙂 Lovely advice as well – to keep our eyes open and see better. Thank you for sharing!

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