Five Minute Friday: Song

The ancient myth held that swans are mute but sing a beautiful song just before dying.


single swan swimming on a blue lake

The swan’s song of sorrow signals the end of a beautiful relationship.

A swan song is meant to signify a bittersweet recap of a long and glorious relationship that is now ending.

Sometimes relationships end and it is only later that the partner who has been left understands a song was sung. When one partner plans a leave-taking in secret, it is only in hindsight, after the end, that the partner who has been left realizes the signs were there, the good-byes were said. For the partner who has been left, the end has come abruptly, without time for singing a sorrowful good bye.

And there is no joy for singing hello to the new life that now awaits.

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  10. What a sad thought. I haven’t heard that one before. I know, I have had relationships end suddenly, and learned to sing again. It took a long time, but joy does come. Thank you for sharing.

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