Announcing Life Is Hot Cards

You may have noticed the banner across the top of this blog. It says two things – Hot Expresso, and Life Is Hot Cards.

Japanese garden with arched bridge over stream

cover: When you take a small step forward everyday
inside: It’s not long before you can look back and
see you have indeed made progress.
Know that I am here as you journey through
grief to reach joy again on the other side.

HotExpresso is the name of a business I started with Brad many years ago. The name comes from my last name, Hotchkiss, and the fact we’re in the business of creating expressions – in video – customized for your needs. By the way, espresso is derived from the Italian word for express since espresso is made to order and served immediately to the customer.

In the center of the banner, in between the two words, is a postal cancellation mark bearing the words Life Is Hot Cards.

I haven’t said anything about it until now, but we’ve been busy creating a line of cards for all of the hard realities of life that come our way. I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that there are so many terrible life events that befall our friends and loved ones and deserve honest acknowledgement, and yet, we rarely know what to say. It’s easy to know what to say when something good happens. It’s almost impossible to know what to say when something bad happens.

So, we fall back on a few lame sentiments:

  • Sorry for your loss
  • In sympathy
  • Words cannot express

I’ll have a great deal more to say in the coming months about finding the right words for every sad or difficult event. For now, let me say that far too often the words we use do not begin to convey what we feel, nor do they begin to give comfort to person who has suffered a loss.

We have two choices in life. We can lament a problem, or we can fix it. If you’ve known me for longer than a few blog posts, you know my default choice.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that soon we will be launching the greeting card line Life Is Hot Cards to help you express your sympathy, support, encouragement and otherwise acknowledge all of life’s terrible events.

The website is in development now, the first set of cards are on their way to the printer – more on that later – and in a matter of a few weeks, we’ll be ready to launch.

I’ll be eager to hear your reactions and your recommendations.

Life Is Honest, Open and True: We want our words to give comfort to others when tragedy strikes but it’s hard to know what to say.

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  3. Kim Sked

    Sounds interesting! Keep me posted!

  4. Thank you for developing something to help people express their grief and give comfort in sad times.

    • Do you think we can start a movement? Wouldn’t be great if people could learn to tap into what’s in their hearts and put those feelings into words?

      • I think it would be wonderful to tap into our hearts and be able to express our feelings. It is often so hard to find the “right” words in the moment. We are overwhelmed with emotion and have trouble communicating clearly. Whether doing this could be considered a movement or not, I don’t know. I do know that I really love the card you have in this post though.

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