Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Being authentic extends beyond what we say. It includes what we do, not only in specific instances but in the broad expanse of our lives. We have two choices in life. 

girl in small sail boat on the ocean

Reaching for a dream means having the courage to set out alone, prepared and eager to discover the adventure that lies ahead

We can be our authentic selves or conform to others’ expectations. Others’ expectations for us are frequently far less than our capabilities, and rarely take into account our dreams, even if we’ve shared them.

When we live our dream life, whether or not that brings with it the level of success we envision, then we’re being authentic. It doesn’t matter if the dream is large or small, ordinary or exceptional. What counts is whether we’re doing what matters most to us.

Our dreams are not meant to torment us but to propel us to live to our full capability.

It’s easy to fear living fully. We’re afraid of trying, afraid of failing, perhaps even afraid of succeeding. So, we find reasons to wait, to think some more, to do more research, to explore other options when what we need is to step forward boldly and act on our dreams. Of course, making a significant life change requires courage. Whether it is a dream job or a dream life, it takes courage to

  • Be ourselves
  • Step out of our comfort zone
  • Embrace our dream
  • Persevere

Every day we have the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone. When we let go of the outcome, we recognize we are not defined by it but by our willingness to try. With faith in our own wisdom and a willingness to persevere in the face of setbacks and failures, we bring commitment to reach for a dream. We’re more willing to risk regret for our failure than to risk regret for our fear.

It’s not until we step out our comfort zone and pursue our dreams that we can really claim to be our true self. It does not matter whether we achieve success because no matter the outcome, we will have reached our authentic self.

Twenty years from now

you will be more disappointed by the

things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines.

Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover. 

~ Mark Twain

Life Is Honest, Open and True: Do you want to choose your future, or let it choose you? Are you willing to start today and put aside your fears and take the first step towards living your authentic life? 

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