Am I HOT or Not?

Welcome to contributor Jennifer Alhasa who offers some great insight about managing our personal energy.

When D’Anne first asked me to do a blog on embracing being Honest, Open and True, a plethora of  examples popped up. Yet I’ve written nothing in

LifeIsHOTBlog, Am I Hot or Not? Jennifer Alhasa

Jennifer Alhasa

the weeks since. So here I am, on the last day of my deadline, and boy, do I have one for you!

I’ve been calling myself a “Cancer Coach” for the last year. As such, I’ve helped clients coping with disease to manage stress,

celebrate self-love, practice positivity and release limiting patterns and beliefs. While I’ve no doubt had an impact on their overall well being, I got depleted in the process. Trying to help someone else “heal” cancer is not only exhausting but it’s not my job. I’d been encouraging others to empower the healer within yet had totally lost touch with my own self-care in the process.

As an intuitive and empathic person, I walk around the world tuned into others’ feelings, pain and deepest truth. These gifts are wonderful yet externally expending my love, light and joy 24/7 does not serve my highest good or the good of others for that matter. I’m so grateful for the experiences that illuminated this to me this year and know I am stronger and more certain because of them. Learning how to best manage my own energy makes me healthier, happier and wiser for my work in the world.

Being Honest, Open and True

What I know now is this: When I’m being totally Honest, Open and True, I admit that I’m an Urban Pixie/Earth Angel and claim the title Intuitive Guide. I let people know that I work closely with Archangel Michael and do Angel Card Readings. As channel of Source energy, I offer Affirmative Prayers for peace and healing. For those seeking quantum leaps, I offer a 3+ month intensive empowerment program and help discover the “True You” within. And, for the first time in my life, I charge a fair-market value for ALL of my services.

It feels freeing to be my authentic self out in our world. While I still sense some “should” energy around me, I know it’s not mine! Following my own bliss sets the best example for my clients and everyone I encounter on my path. This time of awakening on our planet is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, more than ever, it’s time to remember who we are and what we came to do. And what’s hotter than that?

May 2013 bring you a deeper sense of knowing your own gifts and shining your light for all to see. It’s time, you’re worth it & we’re waiting!!!

Happy New Year & Happy True You!!!

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  2. Jen, I love your energy and positive spirit. As you point out, it is very taxing to be emotionally supportive of others. Thanks for your guidance on how we can care for ourselves as we care for others.

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