Life is Not a Road Race

Today I am making a guest appearance at Jon Stolpe Stretched, where in “Ringing Up Patience at Register Six,” I have written about how life is not a road race.

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Life is not a road race. Slowing down gives us time to think, and builds our patience muscle.

When we slow down, we have time to think, and to build our patience muscle. As you’ll see when you read it, my patience muscle got a workout the last time I went to Wal-Mart.

I suspect a lot of us are taxing our patience muscle in the check-out line this time of year.

I write about the importance of living life on the tenets of being Honest, Open and True.

“Ringing Up Patience at Register Six,” clearly falls into the category of being honest with myself.

Jon Stolpe writes of feeling stretched by all the obligations of life. His blog is his place to examine and share his stretch marks. When I’m feeling stretched, I take some time to exercise my patience muscle.

Mosey on over, and take your time reading the post. No need to feel rushed. Then hang around a bit and share your reaction and your own experience.

I’ll be writing more about being Honest in an upcoming blog post. Here’s a sneak peak, the right to be Honest with myself and others is my Sixth Amendment.

Life Is Honest, Open and True

Does your patience muscle need toning? How do you keep it exercised? What do you do when you’re feeling stretched by life?  
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  3. Lulu

    D’Anne – you touched on one of my sore spots. I seem to find patience for most things but somehow my mind meets cement when it comes to paying for things. I cannot tolerate incompetence when it comes to taking my money. I’ve chosen the store, compared the merchandise and am somewhat willing to part with my hard earned money only to be met by some nincompoop at the till.

    I’m for equal employment and opportunities – but let managers place people where they can excel – where they can use their skill sets in the best possible way. Wouldn’t she make a great display person – or linen stocker? Moving people through a line…not so much.

    Kudos to you for thinking of everything from kittens to ecology – but seriously. You will never get that 20 minutes back.

    • Lulu – interesting point of view. I hope you caught my intentional choice of this particular checker, and my intentional choice to try my patience. Honestly, it probably would have taken just as much time in the other lines. So, that 20 minutes was sacrificed the minute I chose to shop there.

  4. D’Anne, Thanks so much for sharing on The Stretched Blog today!

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